What is a personal loan urgently?

Beginning of the year is the time to put all the bills on paper and try not to end up being denied or entering the delinquency index, which grew in the last year due to the economic crisis that the country is facing.

But even so, you find yourself in debt and need to find a way to take them all away. Hence, a good option are urgent personal loans.

In addition to online loan options, where you can simulate, check interest and get the money in up to 48 hours, banks also offer personal lines of credit. They are options so that you can choose the one that best fits your need.

There are three types of personal credit line: the normal (unsecured), secured and secured (with guarantor, financial investments and real estate). Want to understand each one better? Continue reading below:

If you have many bills to pay and a solution for urgent cases are personal loans.

Types of loans

Personal loan

 Personal loan

It is the type of loan that has no collateral, ie, does not need guarantor, guarantors or financial investments. However, it has high rates and lower payment terms because of the risks.

Personal credit is generally available to people with a good track record of having a relationship with the bank or who have previously closed a contract without any payment problems.

If you already have a positive relationship history with the bank, the average approval time is up to one business day.

The personal loan does not need guarantor and can be done quickly and online.

Payroll loan

 Payroll loan

With this loan, the guarantee is the discount made on your salary, since the bank and the company have some type of agreement. In addition, the fee is lower and the payment period is longer, since the risk is low because the company deducts the amount of the employee’s salary and passes it to the bank.

Depending on the company-bank relationship, the payroll loan is already pre-approved for the employee, who can simulate and contract through applications and even at ATMs. In this case, the maximum term for approval and release of the credit in the account is up to two business days.

Loan with guarantee

 Loan with guarantee

In secured loan, you apply for the loan, placing as collateral a guarantor or even financial and real estate applications. With this, the risk is smaller, with longer terms and reduced rates.

If you place a property or financial application as collateral, the term for release may take up to 30 days, due to the analysis of contracts. If it is a guarantor, approval can take up to two days.

There are several bank branches that offer urgent personal loans, but currently several financial offer online services as well. So we’ve separated some options for you:

Which financial services do they offer?


The company offers loans fast and simple to achieve, in the amounts of R $ 200 up to R $ 3,000. The payment term is 3 to 12 months and with interest rates ranging from 11.7% to 15.7% per month.


With BizCapital you can apply for loans for your company. The amounts range from R $ 5,000 to R $ 150,000, with the interest rate around 1.99% to 4.99% at M├žes.

If you wish to invest in your studies, the company offers Student Collective Funding. The process works like this: the student pays only 40% of the monthly fee, with an interest rate of 2% per month and the remaining amount of the semester is paid in 9 months.

Pay Attention to Applying for a Personal Loan

Talking with a professional or your manager is an option so that, even if you need the money urgently, you do not end up generating more debt in the future due to the interest and fees related to the type of loan chosen. Do the simulation, study the contract.

Also be careful when ordering online, look for reliable websites and companies that have all the contact information. And if any company asks to make the payment in advance, do not do it, it’s a scam!

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