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Who needs a loan, does not usually do the math. However, it is very important to consider the required amount, interest rates and the value of the installments so as not to jeopardize all income at the end of the month.

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If the bills are getting tight and they do not hit, you have to watch out for that warning sign! After all, you may be spending more money.

Find out now how much you can commit to the paycheck with the payroll loan, without harming yourself.

The contracting of the consigned loan can only be done by Retirees, INSS Pensioners, workers with National Workbook signed, Public Servants and Military .

This line of credit has many advantages, but its biggest difference from other personal loans lies in the cheaper interest rates. This difference can reach more than 300% per year.

Another differential is the payment method of the installments, which is done directly to the bank on the day of payment of the benefit or salary.

And since this discount is made automatically, there is a limit to not compromising the entire income of the contractor.

Do you know what the payroll credit limit is? So, enjoy to find out.

What is the limit of Payroll Credit?

What is the limit of Payroll Credit?

The payroll loan is deducted directly from the payroll or INSS benefit , not depending on the contractor’s payment.

Therefore, the amount of the installments is already debited from the monthly rent, before the value falls on the account salary, the retirement account or pension.

This guarantee of payment gives the bank the assurance that all installments will be paid on time, without the need for renegotiation of terms or interest.

On the other hand, the security for the contractor is that the loan installments can not consume the full amount of the rent.

This determination was established by Law 10.820 / 2003 , which regulates this line of credit.

The values ​​of the parcels must therefore respect the assignable margin , which is precisely the maximum amount to be committed monthly with this type of expense.

The total consignable margin is 35%. Of this amount, 5% is destined for the payroll deductible credit card .

It is calculated based on the income or net income, obtained from the salary, retirement or pension.

A common doubt about the assignable margin is whether increases such as the 13th salary affect the margin, for example.

It is important to emphasize that the values ​​are calculated based on the fixed income presented in the payroll or benefit, taking all the discounts.

Not being counted, therefore, other bonuses like 13 ° or additional funds.

To calculate the available assignable margin for a new loan it is enough to make a simple account:

The result of this account is the value of the free allowable margin, that is, that which can still be used.

Understand how the 30% and 5% assignable margin works and how to use them.

Margin of 30%

The percentage of 30% of the assignable margin can only be used for consigned loans.

So, for example, even those who already have one loan can get another . For this, it is necessary to have free margin and have not yet reached the number of contracts allowed by CPF.

If the assignable margin is R $ 450.00 and one of the current contracts has installments of R $ 239.00, the remaining balance is R $ 211.00. This value can be used in one or more contracts.

Margin assignable from 5%

The percentage of 5% of the net salary is used for the exclusive use of the payroll deductible credit card.

It works the same way as regular credit cards, but your interest rates are lower.

Payment of payroll deductible credit cards is also done in payroll, however, only the minimum amount (5% of the assignable margin) is deducted , being the responsibility of the borrower to pay the remainder of the invoice amount.

With the credit card, the consumer can also make withdrawals on banks 24 hours. The interest rate for this type of credit card is a maximum of 3% per month.

Unlike the margin for the loan, the margin of the consigned card can only be used once.

Take advantage to know what the Margin is consignable for Retirees, Pensioners and Federal Public Servants.

Pensioners and Pensioners

The INSS margin is the same: 35% of the income. The hiring of consigned loan and payroll deductible credit card are different processes and require separate orders.

When opting for the payroll loan, the INSS Retiree or Pensioner must inform a checking or savings account for the deposit to be made. The account can not be on behalf of third parties.

Retirees and Pensioners can have up to 9 payroll loan contracts.

The maximum number of consigned loan installments for INSS beneficiaries is 72 months.

The hiring can only be done in banks agreed to by the Social Security .

The credit limit will vary depending on the value of the benefit. The credit card limit is 25 times the margin value of the card.

Margin assignable Federal Public Servants

To make the contracting of a payroll loan being Federal Public Server (SIAPE) , the interested party must know which banks are in accordance with the rules stipulated by the Central Bank.

Their hiring can be done by employees from 21 years and the payment of the installments can be divided in up to 96 months.

The disposable margin available amounts to 35% of the gross value of the net. It is divided between 30% for loans and 5% for payroll deductible credit card.

Likewise, the assignable margin is based on the net income received by the Public Server.

This amount may change depending on the increases in the benefit received, provided that they are fixed and not temporary.

The endorsement of the consignment contract is made by SIGEPE , the system responsible for processing the payroll of Federal Public Servants.

The contracting of the payroll loan for Public Servants is very simple and does not require consultation by the SPC or Serasa .

The process can be done online, from simulation to hiring .

For the contracting of a payroll-deductible credit card for Public Servants, the available limit will be 27 times the assignable margin.

The number of contracts allowed will depend on the available margin or contract limit in each bank.

Margin assignable State Public Servants

State Public Servants can also hire payroll loans without bureaucracy. The assignable margin and the rules for their use are the same.

Laws for changing the margin limit

The income limit that can be used on loans, is also a protection for contractors.

The law stipulating the 35% margin limit ensures that contractors do not have all personal or family income consumed by loans.

In other words, it allows them to pay off debts and keep other basic expenses like housing, food and health, for example.

Although there are some projects to increase this limit, many experts argue that this is the healthy limit.

As seen, knowing how much it is possible to commit from income to paycheck loan can help in several ways. Especially, to avoid debt.

But in addition, the vision of how much is earned and spent, can help to make minimal financial planning.

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