Can I make an online loan with a negative name?

The online loan is practical, simple and faster than the traditional forms. It is increasingly common in Brazil and in several countries this kind of loan, one only needs to be aware if the company is safe, especially nowadays.

There are several types of loans for negatives. Ideally, do a good search first and choose the best options for you. So we’ve separated some suggestions from trusted companies that can help you with this step:

The online loan for negatives can be done in the comfort of your home over the internet.

Online Loans

Types of loans for negatives?

Several companies offer loans online for negatives. But it all depends on your income, valuable assets in your name and what is the main reason to acquire the loan. Here are the best options for you:



You go directly to the bank with any object that is of value, and if approved, the object is held until the loan repayment and the money goes out on time.

However, the term for discharge is up to 6 months, and rates on the other hand are often low. The institution that most offers this modality is Caixa Econômica.

Payroll loan

If you are a civil servant, retiree or INSS pensioner, you can get credit easily and the payment is deducted from the sheet.

Personal loan

Personal loan

Interest on this form of loan is higher, because those who are negative can not guarantee that they are a good payer. Therefore, it represents a risk profile for the bank. The advantage is that it can be used for any purpose.

What are the advantages of online loan?

Whether it is negative or not, the online mode has been one of the best for several reasons:

  • The interest rates are lower for online companies because there are no expenses like in a physical agency;
  • You can apply for the loan at any time, without wasting time with relocation;
  • The service is much faster and practical, as it does not have to face long queues;
  • The analysis is done quickly and the service is more efficient.

How to know which companies are fraudulent?

It is necessary to check the company information before applying for the loan. This process is very important, so we separate the main ones you should be careful to get an online loan safely:

  • Check if the company has CNPJ or some registration;
  • Look at all social networks, comments and complaints;
  • If, during the negotiation, the company requires advance deposit for release of the loan, it is blow.

By putting all these tips into practice, you can surf the net and make transactions safely.

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